Job Search Tips For Career Changers

Are you feeling burned out in your current career and having trouble getting excited about going to work every day?  Or are you working in an outdated, dead end job?  If so, it may be time to think about a career change.  In the past, this type of a lateral movement was a much bigger risk due to the fact that jobs actually were fairly safe, and you could stay with the same company until you retire.  Well, in today’s global economy, things are much different.  Rapidly moving technology and cheaper labor overseas are making many jobs and industries obsolete, so a lot of workers are opting for a career change into a growth industry or something they are truly passionate about.  If this sounds like you, then we’re here to help make that transition smoother with some job search tips for career changers.

Do you really want a career change?

Before making a big jump like this, you need to take a close look at what you’re really feeling about your current situation.  It could be that you actually like your job and career, but don’t like the company you are working for.  Or maybe you like the company and many aspects of the job, but you are seeking more of a challenge or more of an opportunity.  If any of this is the case it may be time to look at other opportunities with other organizations or within your own.

Play to Your Strengths

It will be much easier to change careers if you focus on your strengths and talents rather than pursuing something because it sounds cool.  You’ll want to tailor your resume so that those skills you developed in your previous career relate to the new career you are seeking.  If you do get the interview, it will be extremely important that you really know your stuff, can demonstrate how your experience will transfer, and have solutions on how you will go about filling the inevitable gaps in knowledge.

Join networking groups both online and off

Most cities’ chambers of commerce offer networking events and networking groups that you can attend, which is a great way to meet local business owners and get your name out there.  It is also vitally important to build your online social network, particularly with professional oriented sites like Linkedin.  With Linkedin, you can also join industry specific groups as well as subscribe to news feeds, job postings, and articles on the profession you are looking to jump into.

Get yourself out there.

Ultimately, you need to get out from behind the computer and put yourself out there in the real world, not only to help you get noticed, but to also develop your much needed skills.  Do volunteer work, pro-bono work, or offer to work on a trial basis to show that you are serious.  You’re going to need an edge in the competitive marketplace, and you’re competing with workers who have a whole lot more experience than you, so you’ll have to really work hard to show them how valuable you can be!